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Rheal Guindon, a young boy in Ontario, Canada, was out on a camping trip with his parents when they decided to go fishing. Rheal stayed on shore but was appalled to witness his parents’ boat tip over, and his parents tragically drown. Panic-stricken, he attempted to walk to the nearest town to get help, but as the sun set, he realized he would have to spend the night outside.

As he lay on the ground, traumatized by this ordeal, he felt “a warm, furry body” press up against him. Thinking it was a dog, he fell asleep. On waking up the next morning, he found three wild beavers snuggled up against him. They had saved him from freezing to death overnight when temperatures had dipped below zero.

Source: Aisling Maria Cronin

This incredible story illustrate that, contrary to certain popular perceptions of wild animals as threats or pests who must be removed to make way for human advancement, we have much more in common with non-human animals. If you have a story that you would like to share with us, we’d love to hear about it in My Story !
Sylvie Schneider

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