It is very important to remind you some details from a previous blog on what is a responsible owner:

(From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #5)

  1. someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet;
  2. someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves;
  3. someone who respects the environment around them, meaning theirs and that of their pet, as well as the environment of everybody else (whether the others are pet owners or not).
Shot in Paris!

Shot in Paris!

What would stop authorities from letting us use public transportation (like in other places in the world) with our pets? For instance, owners of big dogs would ride in the metro’s lead car or the last one outside of rush hours. After all, isn’t that what bikers do with their bicycles bigger than a Great Dane!

It’s about logic

Or course, it’s also about logic, because if you’re trying to get on a bus during peak hours (or at any time) with a St. Bernard or a French Mastiff, there’s no need to be a scientist to see the foolishness in that.

Finally, we do not think that a muzzle would ease some users’ anxieties; on the contrary, that same muzzle will lead people to imagine themselves being clamped by Jaws than the opposite!

As a matter of fact, nowadays aren’t guide dogs and other service animals allowed in public transportation? Do they (the animals) carry fewer germs? Are they more against public health and hygiene?

As such, the pets of people who “see” or who don’t need any assistance, are they no different from those of people who need these type of animal, if we only consider the fact that they are animals? The answer is certainly no! So why create a distinction?

assistance dog for autism

assistance dog for autism

Based solely on the fact of “state of being”, there’s no difference. Guide dogs or service dogs are… still dogs! So hygiene and security matters are also absolutely the same, because responsible owners will make sure their pet behaves as well as a guide or service dog.

And human beings?

By the way, if a human being misbehaves in a public transportation, authorities will fine or simply prohibit that person to use public transportation. So why not apply the same method in the case of animals!

We believe public transportation authorities should first take care of (and upgrade) their own transportation’s ventilation and aeration system (thus improving the quality of the air instead of forbidding animal hair). Allergies? Allergic people would be responsible of not riding the clearly identified cars pet owners are riding.

Public transportation in style in Ireland!

Public transportation in style in Ireland!

If we as pet owners to be responsible, the same extent of responsibility also applies to people who don’t own a pet. Exactly like cars, those who drive one are responsible of not running over pedestrians, and pedestrians are responsible of being cautious when crossing intersections.

Clanimal intends to present you, in the future, a “dossier” on what’s is going on in the world regarding the use of public transportation with pets. You can also share your experience with us by writing to

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