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Cows are incredible animals. They are smart and emotional beings, and they especially love to show their affection for their friends – even if their best companions don’t quite look like themselves. In this video by a German farm animal sanctuary, two cows show how much they love their new pal, a little girl who visited to read them a story.

While the girl attempts to tell the cows her tale, it’s clear they are far more interested in giving her some cuddly kisses than hearing her story. We can’t help but “awww” at the sweetness of this little one and her animal friends. We really shouldn’t be surprised, though. Cows are known to befriend all different types of animals, including dogs, donkeys and of course, their human companions.

This video shows that animals of all shapes and sizes (not just the furry ones we keep in our homes) are capable of love and affection … and they deserve the same back!

Credits : StiftungHofButenland & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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