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Looks like this cat has a rather serious case of puppy love! Don’t worry about him though, it’s nothing that one or maybe two (plus a few more …) doggie kisses can’t cure.

Watch as this rottweiler gives a huge dosage of friendly smooches to his very best cat friend. After watching their facial expressions, we think it’s safe to say that one of the pets is more excited about their friendship than the other. Even with the grumpy stares that just scream “Please release me, dog,” the cat’s patience shows just how much she admires her friend. Besides, who would give up a free head-rub?

Generally speaking, there is a huge stereotype about cats and dogs not getting along, but we beg to differ. While some pet duos may not be the most friendly of pairings, there are loads of pets that just can’t seem to follow their cartoon can-never-find-peace standards. We guess puppy love knows no bounds.

Credits : en byby & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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