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This polar bear is being held captive at the Grandview Mall Ocean World, located in a Chinese shopping mall. The facility has been named the “world’s saddest zoo,” as a testament to the condition the animals held there are in.

In the wild, this polar bear would be roaming the vast icy surfaces of the Arctic Circle. However, in this tragic video, filmed by Animals Asia, it’s clear this polar bear is living in deplorable conditions. Lame and clearly depressed, his mouth quivers as his sad eyes stare into oblivion. There is no ice, no snow, and no other polar bears. The only thing this bear has is a constant parade of people taking photos, banging on the windows and shouting.

With so few polar bears left in the wild, the very last thing we should be doing is locking them up in glass cages for our entertainment. You can be a voice for this bear, and all animals in captivity, by speaking out for the closure of the Grandview Aquarium.

Credits :Animals Asia & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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