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How do you rescue a four-ton Asian elephant who’s trapped in a mud pit? As this story proves, it literally takes a village.

When a female elephant inadvertently walked into a quagmire in a remote village in southern China, she instantly became trapped in a three-foot-deep sinkhole. The poor elephant struggled all night before she was discovered by villagers. Suffering from dehydration and sheer exhaustion, the situation was dire for this poor elephant, but the kind locals refused to give up on her.

Using only ropes and wooden poles, a team of 20 villagers and police officers rallied together to hoist the exasperated elephant out of the pit. It took three long hours, but this determined team managed to get the elephantupright. With nothing but their collective strength, they were able to drag the elephant to safety.

After being on her side for so long, the elephant suffered from blood circulation loss and was unable to stand for a period of time. Vets administered some antibiotics and anti-shock medication to help the spent pachyderm regain a stable condition, she will stay in their care until she’s fully recovered.

We are endlessly amazed by the compassion showed by this group of kind people. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, this imperiled elephant has been given a second chance at life!

Credits : CCTV News – Daily Mail & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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