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Despite the deep love many people feel for dogs, there is still a massive pet homeless problem in the U.S and around the world. Without homes or families, these animals are left to wander, looking for food, a warm place to lay their head, and a safe spot away from danger. Since these stray dogs don’t have caretakers, no one may notice or go looking for a dog that is missing, or in trouble. That was the case for this puppy in India, who had fallen into a street sewage tank.

When passersby heard strange moans and whimpering coming from the street sewer, they contacted Animal Aid Unlimited India, a group renowned for their amazing work rescuing street animals. Three staffers from Animal Aid quickly arrived on the scene and got to work investigating the dark space this puppy had stumbled into. Despite all of the floating trash and the lack of light, one brave rescuer dove in head first, located the pup, and pulled the little shivering guy out to safety!

Bundled in a blanket, the pup was rushed to their veterinary center where he was treated and given IV fluids. Amazingly enough, after warming up a bit, the little guy started walking around like normal! We’re thankful the amazing team at Animal Aid Unlimited was able to get to him in time!

While this story may have a happy ending, this pup is just one of millions of dogs left to fend for themselves on the street. It’s incredible that there are groups willing to help chip away at this problem one case at a time, but we can all make a difference in tackling pet homelessness. Visit Animal Aid Unlimited website to learn more about their remarkable rescue team.

Credits : Animal Aid Unlimited India & YouTube

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