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When dogs don’t have proper caretakers to look after them, they can get themselves in some pretty messy situations. Considering there are millionsof homelesss animals in the U.S and around the world, the chances for this kind of thing are pretty high. Dogs may get run over by cars, eat foods that are poisonous, or simply get stuck while adventuring around on their own.

Take this stray pup in Thailand. He was trying to entertain himself with a toy, as any normal puppy would do, unfortunately, his toy of choice wasn’t much of a toy at all. In fact, it was a beat up car muffler that someone had left on the street. Playtime did not last very long because as soon as this little guy wiggled himself into the exhaust pipe, he was stuck! Luckily, locals heard his cries for help and immediately called an emergency rescue team. After some very careful and strategic maneuvers, the team was able to get the poor pup out, and give him a well-needed cleaning.

Although locals were able to hear this puppy’s whimpers and contact proper help, not every animal has the same lucky fate. If you want to help tackle the problem of pet homelessness consider volunteering at a shelter, temporarily fostering an animal, choosing to adopt instead of shop, or donating to an awesome rescue group!

Credits : Paw Mane Fine& YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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