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BOTH have a RESPONSIBILITY! (and I will explain myself further)

Right now the debate is so polarized between “Moralists” on both sides, the “Animals have Rights” and the “Humans should always be before animals” group—that Humankind is missing the boat (and the gravity of the miss, makes this boat Noah’s Ark!). Open up your eyes people: animals (which are primarily Nature) are “raceless, languageless, religionless and so many more “-less”.

I state that none of these sides possess the “Biblical Truth” (and neither do I!) except that instead of being blinded by some dogma of “if you are not with me…you are my enemy”, so I take the Mother Nature’s side which is the respect of life and death, which is having leaders and followers, which is believing that all living creatures are destined to live together and not to be judgemental towards each other! (Obviously, this is a concept solely followed by humans…the supposedly more evolved species!)

Animals follow their instinct, form alliances within their own species and yes sometimes with other species, and accept that each and everyone of the animals is responsible for doing what is its role/status/gender within the specie requires. In other words, when you meet your responsibilities within the species, you have benefits, except that in Nature these are very simple: basically, you will eat, be protected and reproduce or you die (or like humans, this happens whenever your name is “called”).

The Zoo’s responsibility: I will submit the foregoing possibilities as being responsibilities for the Zoo and as well ways of modifying its behaviour for the future, and it goes like this:

1. The Zoo is the guardian of the animals under its care. As such, like in Nature, it has the responsibilities to ensure the well being, safety and respect the natural instinct of the animals under its guardianship. So, the enclosure of Harambe (and all other “stronger or potentially lethal” species) could have been verified regularly, and no, cost is not a deterrent to respect this, since it’s part of the core values (cited above)  to be met by Zoos everywhere!

2. The Zoo could have had a team of personnel dedicated to exactly the form of intervention required under these circumstances, meaning a certain number of workers trained with this kind of intervention to handle the animal when its habitat is suddenly disrupted and that the animal behaviour could be “challenged”. The Zoo knows (or the animal trainers do) where the enclosures with these animals are so it is not rocket science to know who and where to station this RIP team (Rapid Intervention Personnel);

3. The Zoo could also develop a “temporary restraining dart” with functions that would temporary “paralyse” the animal without endangering its health or life. I am not a scientist and I know that we are in 2016, dealing with artificial intelligence, DNA/Genome analysis and all, so how come this breakthrough wouldn’t be possible? And these “special” darts would be carried by the “RIP” described above;

4. The killing of Harambe, represents for me the way society lives at the moment. You want something (imagine whatever you want) and you just pick up the smart phone or any other device, and…voilà…it’s at your door (or in your device). Then you don’t want it anymore…just toss it out and start all over again! So pulling on the trigger seemed as a “natural” extension of the behaviour demonstrated by Society, in other words, you want something fast, not too hard to do and yeah, that helps to avoid a bigger problem, like a law suit! I can hear every “Tom, Dick and Harry” giving reasons as good as one another to justify killing Harambe, and that would be missing the point: “what are the facts and what is your capacity to handle these facts and what actions are best suitable to handle these facts”!

The Parent’s responsibility: Harambe didn’t care what skin colour the baby was (or the parents, as a matter of fact). So for the ones who suggest the parents were irresponsible because they are Black… COME ON…GET A LIFE!. The parent had the responsibility to be the guardian “at all times” of their children’s behaviour. Oh, let’s not forget that there is a “thing” called “EDUCATION” to teach children how to be responsible individuals (whatever age they are!). So if this individual is at an age (or mental stage or known to be irresponsible) where the guardian presence is required almost all the time, so just be there!

Some people will start saying that perfection is impossible, so it can happen that as a parent, your guards are down for a brief moment.  Yes it can happen and you just hope that it doesn’t happen under certain circumstances such as falling off a boat, crossing a busy street, etc, when this “temporary absence” cannot keep death from being the result!

Luckily the child was not hurt physically and let’s hope that psychologically he will be ok as well. As for the parents, if the authorities file some kind of charges, let’s trust it will be based on a strong legal basis of the facts, and not, on the court of popular public opinion basis, because if it’s the case, we will again miss the opportunity to correct for the better, another one of Society’s mistakes!

Today, authorities decided not to press charges against the parents. Let’s trust that the parents will learn to apply their responsibility towards the child “notwithstanding its age” …ALL THE TIME!

So many times I have written about how people could start understanding how easier we could make our lives (including with our favourite animals) so much better, by starting to take time to observe and connect with our instinct.  I keep saying that animals are the best teachers for this, and we have the responsibilities towards ourselves and the ones we love to start doing it.

If we keep acting like we just did in Harambe’s situation, not showing responsibilities towards our children and the animals all around us, I predict we will have more situations like Harambe with consequences that will be more dramatic. Don’t you think it’s time to wake up Society and start being responsible?

If you think so, I invite all of you to start by letting all your friends know about this editorial and to join Clanimal, because every time I write something like this, my resolve and dedication about Clanimal.com confirm how much it’s worth pursuing Clanimal’s mission of constantly improving relations between humans and animals, and that’s my motive behind this editorial of today!

Join us doing this!

“The Guy” @ clanimal.com

The Guy


  • Debbie Mock

    Harambe was a gorgeous animal. It’s too bad it ended the way it did.

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