Clanimal Art Show: a participative art show about the connection between humans and animals!

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Members of the public have been invited by Clanimal to participate in a free studio photo-shoot with their pet(s) and children have been invited to a 3 hours art workshops at The Visual Arts Centre (Gallery McClure, 350 Victoria Avenue, in Westmount) to create art about describing the unique relationship existing between them and their favorite animal. All works were  shown from April 28 to May 1, 2016, and a special evening was held April 29, where 150 animal lovers came, making this evening a great success.


The Clanimal Art Show displayed between 20-25 beautiful photographic portraits of pets and their owners by renowned photographer, Sergio Veranes. Powerful artwork created by children during the free workshops described above will also be on show, alongside the photographs. It will be an amazing, first of its kind exhibition, bringing together a community of animal and art lovers.

Clanimal is an organization with an international scope creating a community of animal lovers built on, an online platform, where members share stories, get advice and exchange images related to animals. Clanimal has also developed a unique online matchmaking tool, based on Artificial Intelligence and an elaborate algorithm, that helps matching a dog with the best people for it (totally free!).

Clanimal would like to thank their sponsors: DeSerres et Pitou, Minou et Compagnie (Global Pet Food Stores) who supplied material and publicity support, as well as  our partners: Montreal Living Lab et Newbase Media for their support and advice, all of whom, helped us make this show possible.

And to continue stating its  commitment towards its community, Clanimal chose to make a donation to Rosie Animal Adoption, an organisation from the West-Island, who’s love for animals is only surpassed by the love of its volunteers, for helping all animals!


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