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Today I celebrated my 38th birthday, and in the midst of receiving all the messages and greetings and replying to them as well.

I found myself reflecting on my life: what I have accomplished in all these years, what I have done, did I achieve my childhood dreams… the answer is not simple. Indeed, it is so long that it deserves to be written in a book.

First and foremost, I must say that I have spent all my life reading books about animals, therefore my first question to myself is: why write yet another book about animals?

The answer to this is not simple either…

A little to please the people who listen to my little stories and say: “you should definitely write a book!!”. A little to keep on fulfilling my childhood dreams.

The other reason I thought of is that most of the books about animals tell a story, and that maybe I did not have any story to tell if not hundred of little stories of my past life spent near animals, looking for them, taking care of them, observing them, etc.

What happened in my life is exactly that. I never dedicated myself to anything in particular.

On the contrary, I’m interested in everything: from insects to whales, and sooner or later, I observed them, studied them or took care of them.

So that will be my book, memories, thoughts, and most of all, presenting the incredible animals I was lucky enough to meet throughout almost 30 years of life during which they were present in one form or another, I am always thinking of them, whether I have them close to me or far away.

Author: Helena Arroyo

Translation: Noëlla Moussa

Amelie Delobel

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