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At the end of summer 2009, I had some days off from my work at the Montreal Biodôme and went camping with a friend at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, located on the U.S. East coast.

We spent three days visiting local parks and small towns. The last day, the owner of the campsite we were staying at (on the seashore) told us that within a few miles from where we were there was a large colony of grey seals. Before heading back to Montreal, we decided to make a stop there.

We watched the seals for a while, which at times reminded us of a dogs’ heads; in the water they would often only get their head out and the shape reminded us of that animal.

While we were walking close to them, still along the beach, we saw much to our surprise two newborn turtles heading toward the sea.

We watched them carefully and something clicked in my head as I recognized the species of turtle: they were snapping turtles, meaning small freshwater turtles. What were they doing going to the sea and almost into the mouths of the seals? I will never know.

So I took them and put them in my lens case and we went to the park’s interpretation center to speak with the employees.

The rangers confirmed what I initially was thinking. They told us where we could release them, which was a lagoon not too far away.

We arrived at the place and freed them in the water, hoping they will learn to be careful in their future decision-making!

Author: Helena Arroyo

Translation: Noëlla Moussa

The Little Snapping Turtles

Amelie Delobel

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