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I had the brilliant idea to buy a duckling…

One day, when I was still in secondary school, I had the brilliant idea to buy a duckling at a pet store and bring him back to the apartment where I used to live with my mother and my rabbit Fifi, in the Alta Córdoba neighbourhood.

We had a mosaic patio, and that’s where I decided to install him. I prepared a bowl of water and a bowl for some food I had bought for the little one. He was so tiny and completely yellow. I made him sleep in a cage in the kitchen at night. However he managed to escape.

So my friend Alicia, who stayed at my house that night, and I saw him walk on the other side of the kitchen door.

Thinking about it, we said that ducks are always in groups, so we went back to the store and bought another duckling. These two completely took over the patio.

With them plus the rabbit, I had to clean the floor with a hose quite often. As the days went by and as they were growing, I had to spend more and more time cleaning after them…to the point where it almost became a full-time job. And that’s when I realized that a mere flooring was not an adequate habitat for ducklings, nor for me.

My great uncle Hector came to get them on his bike. He tried to keep them on his own patio for a few days but changed his mind afterwards and brought them to the Córdoba Zoo, where they lived in a big lake until their final days with hundreds of other water birds… much better.

Author: Helena Arroyo

Translation: Noëlla Moussa

Amelie Delobel

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