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As mentioned previously, many videos are circulating on Internet and social media. Sometimes, they’re funny videos, sometimes they’re sad and, occasionally, that allow us to learn something. There are also some videos that surprise us. This is the case of this video, which was filmed in Japan and circulating since June 3rd.
The scene takes place at Chiba Zoological Park, a Japanese city of nearly one million people. A little two years old boy wearing a yellow coat admires a lion in his cage. At one point, while the little boy turned his back, the lion runs and tries to jump on him. Of course, the protective glass of the cage, prevented the accident. However, the boy appeared startled! He will most likely remember his visit to the zoo despite his young age. According to the staff of the zoo, the lion of 180 kilograms was used to do this, to “play” with the children.

But was it really a good idea for the parents to let their kid this close to the lion? It was obvious that the lion was in his “predator’s mode”, just like a cat would normally do. The lion waited until the child like a prey, turning its back before the “attack” took place.

Even if the child doesn’t appear to have had no physical injury, what about  psychologically? Will he have nightmares? As responsible adults, it is better to know that an animal will always remain an animal. Also, even with millions of views of your video, it is better to let the children out of it, because you never know the physical or psychological consequences that may result… because… It seems that too many people are desperate to be popular on the web…

And you, what do you think of this?

(Sources: quebec.huffingtonpost.ca and youtube)

Amelie Delobel


  • Samuel Landry

    Big cat are always funny ☺ only when they are behind protective glass

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