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There are some stories every day that is out of the ordinary and that pushes us to think further. This is the case of this story from last year and which was reported by mashable.com website. In summary, a Texas couple, before leaving, decided to leave their pets (two dogs and a fish) in the hands of the company Prestigious Pets. Upon their return, the couple realized that their fish was a victim of overeating. Therefore, the couple decided to indicate their displeasure by writing a bad review on Yelp. Because of this bad review, Prestigious Pets decided to pursuit the couple with a million dollars lawsuit!

According to the company, it was noted in the contract that the customers should not say or write any negative comments about Prestigious Pets. This is the reason for the pursuit of a million dollars. You can read the full story by clicking on this link of mashable.com .


Beyond this somewhat wacky story, it begs the real question of this problem. Is the internet companies can prevent criticism of its users?

(Source: mashable.com)

Amelie Delobel

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