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This is a very common problem in China. Each year, millions of dogs are stolen from their owners by shadowy gangs. Whether day or night, these people are walking in many Chinese cities and take dogs to then resell them to restaurants. Although this dogs’ black market is known, the Chinese government don’t create laws to solve the issue.

One of the major cities where these groups sell the dogs is Yulin, a city of nearly a million people in southern China. This city is famous for its dog meat festival that takes place every year since six years. During this festival alone, nearly 10 000 dogs were slaughtered. The next edition will take place on June 21st and circulated a petition denouncing the festival.

The “Humane Society International”, or HSI, collected 11 million signatures around the world in recent weeks. The American organization had indicated last June 10th in front of the city’s representative office and sent to President Xi Jinping the petition.

The dog meat is still a very common practice in many Asian countries. Only in China, 790,000 tons of dog meat are consumed each year, the equivalent of 10 million dogs. In the city, nearly 30 million families have a dog and there would be about 100 000 million more in the countryside.

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