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A hot topic is relevant in the Detroit area in Michigan, United States. Some regions have recently banned pit bulls. The story came out when a musician has to give up his adopted dog because of the law in the canton where he lives. This law was created with the goal of making the community safer.

The Michigan Humane Society criticized the legislation in a text published on the website clickondetroit.com. The organization writes that prohibit such a race is not the solution since the dangerous dogs are often due to their poor training and their master. This is why it’s important to educate and responsibilize pet owners. It’s Clanimal’s mission, to offer to humans ideas and solutions for a better living environment with animals.

To read the official article (in English)-> http://www.clickondetroit.com/pets/pet-points/pet-points-why-do-cities-ban-pit-bull-breeds

(Source: clickondetroit.com)

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