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( Editorial, Montreal, June 21, 2016)

Pit-bull 11 StaffiePit-bull Crisis at Montreal

Certain people strongly suggested to us to add our voice to the “Pit-bull Crisis” ( to name it such a), saying that we could bring some balance to the debate, which is lacking a lot, with the approach we have been advocating for many years to many of the problems afflicting the animal world (notably since 2013: Policies of!)

What do we choose to do now with this appearance of collective hysteria that seems to be taking place? Often, people analyze situations with emotions felt on the moment, and not with an overall perspective, like this would be appropriate to do in the context of the death of Mrs. Vadnais.

Society brings us to understand and find answers very fast…sometimes to fast, such as in the present case!

We write this open letter with the objective that her death serves to make, all of us who form Society, understand what is pertinent to look at, what is important to understand and ultimately, who bears responsibility (in the sense of who controls the gesture/the action, and not in the criminal sense!), because after all, this situation is a microcosm of how society is at the moment!

The Dog’s Guardian for the Pit Bull

Prior to analyze this further, we raise a certain number of points concerning the guardian of the animal involved. It appears to us quite Pit-bull 15clearly, if we consider what experts have said, that an animal (being so powerful and being educated outside of Nature’s influence) acts according to the structure taught to it by its guardian (including the training given and the guardian’s attitude towards it).

In the case of the guardian of the animal that attacked Mrs. Vadnais, we believe that the concept of “responsibility” applies in its full sense. Therefore, we believe it is very pertinent to look at how he educated and trained his dog, before we condemn all dogs!

This is my opinion…

The Guy (


The Guy

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