The Pit-bull Crisis, being a Victim or being Responsible: (2 of 2)

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( Editorial, Montreal, June 21, 2016)

The Pit-bull Crisis at Montreal


We will not analyze again the characteristics of the Bull Terrier breed, choosing instead to invite the reader to consult credible professional Pit-bull Mini Bull Terriersources on this matter, to better understand this breed.

We have developed a conscience, morals and a capacity to analyze and a judgment based on the fact that we have no time to waste!

So, without wanting to be too simplistic, we are realizing the “straight line” is taken too rapidly by certain elements of Quebec society fingering a dog and not reattributing the responsibility for this tragedy on the appropriate party, is deplorable and lacks courage and responsibility as a Society.

We submit that what brings us to ban this type of dog, gives us a very shallow reflection of the level of excellence society reaches and confirms our fear as humans to take our responsibilities, thus keeping each of us to become better persons.

By the way, the “Pit-bull ” breed does not exist!


Pit-bull 10We only put the emphasis on the consequences and not what is at the origin of the consequence, in other words, we put the blame on the dog instead of looking at how society reacts. This way we go for the easy solution (blaming the dog) instead of making the guardian of the animal, directly responsible! Again, society refuses to become responsible for its behaviour!

We believe that the latest La Presse poll (at the end of June 2016) does not reflect what the Quebec population really thinks, including the vast majority of responsible dog guardians think here.

Finally, we believe  it’s obvious that the timing when the poll was conducted and the level of emotion present when this tragedy occurred, irrevocably brought the result it had.

Wouldn’t it be pertinent to set up handling courses (some more advanced for powerful breeds) as well as educational ones in school and in the workplace, to start making guardians of animals more responsible! At, we have said for the last 4 years, that it’s more than ever the time to do it!

We strongly believe at Clanimal in our mission which is to constantly improve relations between humans and animals, in the respect of onePit-bull 5 and other and the environment.

This is my opinion…

The Guy (


The Guy

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