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A dog is currently in the centre of an international debate. Earlier this year, a Canadian of British Columbia helped Syrian refugees in Greece. However, the woman left the country with a new partner. Seeing a sick and abandoned dog, she decided to take and bring him with her in her home in North Vancouver.

However, the Greek family who owned the dog deny everything and called the police to get their dog back. Monique Wilberg, the 54-year-old woman who took care of the dog, says she found the dog alone, dirty and did not seem washed for some time. On the other side, Eleni Atsikbasis confirms that their dog was healthy and he consulted a veterinarian. She also says that her girl misses her pet very much.

The dog in question was adopted in 2009 when he was a puppy. His name given by his Greek family was Max, while Monique Wilberg nicknamed him Dex. An agreement has not yet been approved by both parties to determine who will take care of the dog.

What will be your decision about this situation? Is it better for the dog to stay in Canada or he should return to Greece?

You can read the full article on cbc.ca.

(Source: CBC.ca)

Amelie Delobel

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