A pitbull sacrifices his life to save his owner

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Precious, a Pit bull, saved the life of his guardian. The dog bravely jumped in front of him while an alligator was about to attack. The story took place on April 25, at the Marina Port LaBelle in Florida, United States. Robert Lineburger, the man who saw his dog die before his eyes, told his story on Fox 4 chain.

He decided to talk about this problem alligator’s attacks following the tragic death of the little two-year-old boy in Walt Disney. Mr. Lineburger is making a strong appeal to Glades County officers that it’s essential to have more alligators’ inspection in the marina to prevent other animals or humans attacked.

In Florida, there are thousands of distress calls each year to wildlife officers for alligators problems. In 2014, 6704 calls were recorded across this State.

(Source: Foxnews.com) 

Amelie Delobel

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