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At least that’s what seems to be demonstrated by a study based on 600 students from Carroll University in the US. Cat owners had a higher IQ than dog owners. This research also confirms a previous study conducted in the UK at the University of Bristol. According to this study, households with a degree were more likely to have a cat than a dog.

However, dog owners don’t panic! If you own a dog, you are not less intelligent. The Carroll University study has also made a connection with the characteristics and lifestyle of the pet owners.

People who stay inside their house to study for long hours would be more likely to have an animal like them, so a cat. In the other side, dynamic and sports people would be more likely to adopt a dog, which is an animal that has a similar “personality”.

Also, cat owners have a reduced risk of having a heart attack or a stroke or even develop heart disease. This study was conducted by the Research Centre of the University of Minnesota, in the US, over a period of ten years.

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