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Dog lovers are having a difficult time right now in Iran. Indeed, local authorities began seizing these pets. According to Iranian media, there is a crackdown on the “vulgar Western culture” of dog ownership by religious leaders.

An anonymous owner has explained to the media that officials came to his house and took his dog on the pretext of giving it his vaccines. As evidence, these officials have shown a paper signed by the municipal veterinary office. However, when the owner came to the vet office  to get his dog back, it was not there. No trace of his presence in the vet office either.

Al-e Javid Davood, the head of the Society for Protection of Animals in Iran says that to keep a dog as a pet, is not going against their religious principles and to remove this dog from its owner was simply illegal.

According to the Islamic religion, to keep a dog at home is accepted if its role is to guard the property or to  serve as guide dogs for the blind. The dog does not have exactly the same role in an Iranian family than in North America. Often, in Canada and the United States, people adopt a companion because they just love animals. In Iran, the dog is seen as a protector.

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