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Each year, there are touching stories where we see people rescued animals. There are other stories like these, but in the other way. This time, we will present new stories where the animals are the heroes.


1- Dolphins save a surfer from a great white shark

The story takes place in 2007 in California. Todd Endris, a surfer, was attacked by a great white shark when dolphins came to rescue him. They formed a circle around the man so he could get back to shore safely.


2- A beluga to the rescue of a diver

Yang Yun was taking part in a diving contest when she felt cramps in his leg due to cold water. Because of this discomfort, she sank deeper into the water and thought she would die sooner than later. Then she felt a force that pushed her to the surface. Her saviour was actually a beluga name Mila.


3- A dog saves his family from a wolf attack

The incident occurred in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. The father and his three children were gone tobogganing while the mother was waiting further up the hill. The father was pulling the kids with an all terrain vehicle when their dog, Shadow started to bark. The mother became aware at that time because the dog wanted to prevent a wolf attack against the children. The father managed to get the wolves away from the children by using a shovel, but it’s really the dog courage, a Rottweiler mix, who protected the family with his battle with the lead wolf. The dog still had some bruises and bumps, but nothing serious.

4- A dog saves his owner from a cougar

The story also occurred in British Columbia, but this time, it happened  in a town called Boston Bar. As Austin Forman, a young man, was in his backyard collecting firewood, a cougar came to attack him. Without hesitation, his dog Angel jumped at the cougar, which allowed Austin to go home. His mother called the police who came and killed the cougar in time, while the dog, Angel, was in bad shape. Fortunately, the dog survived the attack.


5- A monkey rescues a child from a fall

A three-year-old boy was with his mother at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. He managed to break away from his mother and climb over the barriers of the ape pit He fainted when he fell a 7 meters fall to the ground. Fortunately, Binti, an 8 year old ape, saw him and picked him up before another ape could attack the little boy. When the zookeepers arrived, Binti handed them the child, who has fully recovered from his fall. The ape was praised for this rescue.


6- Lions prevent the abduction of a young girl

Earlier in June, a young Ethiopian girl of 12 years was abducted by four kidnappers on her return from school. While the kidnappers were fleeing from the police officers, they encountered a group of lions. According to this story, as well as experts, the cries of the girl sounded like a mewing lion cub. That’s why the lions have driven the kidnappers away and protected the girl until help arrived. After the incident, the lions returned into the forest.


7- A pig saves a man from cardiac arrest

Jo Ann Altsman was spending her holidays in Presque Isle, Pennsylvania in the United States when sdhe suffered a cardiac arrest. A Vietnamese pig saw this and came to help her. He stayed close to the human body for about 45 minutes “weeping” at his side for someone to help him. A motorist passing by, finally stopped and shortly after the paramedics arrived. Ms. Altsman was saved.


8- A horse rescues a woman from a raging cow

A little interesting statistic to know. Did you know that more people every year are killed by cows rather than sharks? This is what almost happened in Scotland. A farmer who heard a calf crying approached him when a cow began kicking him. Kerry, a horse, hearing the cries of Fiona, the woman in distress, came to her rescue. He pushed the cow far enough that Fiona was able to set herself free and call an ambulance. She was treated for cuts and bruises.


9- A rabbit rescues a man from a diabetic coma

It’s rare to read news about a brave rabbit. However, this history will prove you wrong. A young man named Simon, who lives in Cambridge shire, in England, fell in a diabetic coma on his couch, while his wife was around. The rabbit started licking frantically the lips of her husband, when she noticed something was wrong. Then Victoria called paramedics, who managed to arrive on time to save Simon’s life. For his bravery, Dory the rabbit received an honorary prize from the “Rabbit Welfare Association.”


(Source: enkivillage.com)

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