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For several years, a lot of articles have been published to explain the importance of healthy eating in addition to physical activity. These two elements enable people to live longer. Your pets, just like humans, also need to move every day and eat right.

Inspectors from the US Department of Agriculture explained that several companies that manufacture pet food using dead animals. Moreover, this food contains a lot of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics that are also found in commercial meat products for humans. That is why we must stop buying products like this to our faithful companions.

Just like for humans, it’s possible for animals to be vegetarians. An outstanding example demonstrating the benefits of vegetarian food on animals is the Bramble one. This dog lived 27 years and was part of The Guinness Book of Records in 2002. His alimentation was based on rice, lentils and organic vegetables.

Several studies have shown that diseases associated with meat consumption in humans, as some allergies, some cancers and kidney problems, heart and bones could also affect animals. That is why during the crisis of mad cow disease, animal feed have also been recalled. Cats are more susceptible to be affected by this disease called bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

It is easy to feed his pet healthy and it’s all the nutrients it needs. James Peden, author of “Dogs and cats vegetarian” has developed Vegepet supplements in addition to writing numerous vegetarian and vegan recipes. His recipes are nutritious, balanced and also come in special formulas for kittens, puppies and cats and lactating dogs.

For those who say that it’s “unnatural” to omit meat for their dog and cat, it’ a myth. Animals in the wild eat quite a lot of plant, more than we think. Therefore it’s possible for a cat and a dog to eat well without meat. Furthermore, this supply is ethically consistent with animal rights philosophy.

To read the full article (in English) and to know all the types of supplements that your pets need, you can visit the site .


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