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It’s almost your dog’s birthday and you don’t know what to offer? Or you just want to give him a little surprise? We have some original ideas for you from the website


1- Food-Dispensing Puzzle Toys

Yes, humans are not the only one that can use their brain! Dogs and cats can also do. Moreover, if they succeed in solving the puzzle one step at a time, they will get their food. Their meal will be well deserved, no?


2- Kong wobbler treat dispensing dog

To continue with the same idea as the puzzle, many other toys are available for your dog while they can play and eat. How? You just need to place his food inside the rubber toy. While your dog will use his strength to bite and shake the toy, the food will appear!


3- Dog Chews

All size of dogs need to release their energy by chewing. This is why the Buck Bone antlers are great for your dog. They are 100% organic without sticky mess, odours, chemicals or added preservatives. There are also the raw beef bones that your pet will love. These raw beef bones will keep him busy while cleaning his teeth!


4- It should be fun!

Other types of gifts when your dog can spend his energy while having fun with you and your children (if you have some) are available. The Floppy Frog is one of them and is made of recycled materials. A nice gesture for the environment and the health of your dog.

If you are more like a technological person, there are also some items for you. The IFetch is a machine that can throw balls to your pet. So he can play all by himself too! Your pet will be impressed, just like many other people.Otherwise, the camera GoPro can film everything that your dog will do during the day. Whether on your travels, for special occasions or daily walks. You will have some great memories to share right?


5- Sleeping is important too

After spending so much energy, your pet will certainly wish to take a nap. It’s for this reason that a small 100% washable bed made from recycled bottles is a popular gift. Your companion will approve this smart choice for the environment and also for himself.


If you want to see the complete list of gifts, simply click on the website.



Amelie Delobel

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