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Many people know Yulin City, in China, for its annual Dog Meat Festival that is taking place in the country since 2010. For the protectors of animals and many countries, Yulin represents animal cruelty. For others, it seems to be in the Chinese culture to consume dog meat for food.

However, in antique China, dog meat was considered “dirty” because it came from the theft of animals. Also at that time, dogs were used as guards, pets and hunting companions for humans. Today, there are nearly 130 000 million dogs in this Asian country.

In 2014, 970 000 tons of dog meat has been consumed. In contrast, China, in the same year, consumed 80 million tons of pork, mutton, beef and broilers. It’s therefore not in the Chinese culture to consume dog meat. In a recent nation-wide survey, we found that nearly 70% of the Chinese population has never eaten dog meat.

So this isn’t only an international issue, but also within China. This animal cruelty issue isn’t the only one in the country. It’s a global challenge. The Chinese government as the responsibility to address this issue and enact laws for the protection of animals. China is 194 years behind other industrialized countries, for this matter.

In summary, animal suffering is an important problem of society. Many people who live in rural areas in China have compassion for animals, but nothing can be changed if the discrimination and injustice are present in society.

Therefore, to halt Yulin Dog Meat Festival would be a great step towards ending animal cruelty in China, while giving rural people equal rights.

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Amelie Delobel

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