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Dogs, ducks and a cat, strange family isn’t it? Yet the seven companions (4 dogs, 2 ducks and a cat) adopted by Kasey Boggs and her husband are inseparable! Roxy, Edith, Mia Rose, Jake, Gertrude and Donald are like brothers and sisters despite their differences.

The couple, who rescues animals for a decade, usually take pictures each week of their “children”. They publish them later on their Instagram account. From week to week, the two lovers explain how their family has grown.

At Clanimal, our mission since day 1. is to improve relations between humans and animals, just like this family did. This beautiful love story demonstrates that it’s possible for humans to have a great relation with other animals. So, why don’t you share on Clanimal, in My Story, all these beautiful moments spent with your best animal friend!

As if that wasn’t enough, the couple also expecting a baby!


Amelie Delobel

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