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Everyone (or almost everyone) has heard of the game Pokemon Go.
This new application launched for cellphones has a huge success
and revived for several a “Pokemon fever”. For some, however,
their love for Pokemon goes too far.

A fan of the famous video game released on July 27th a video
where you can see his dog that has been dyed like a Pikachu.
The dog has been painted in yellow with black lines and with
red cheeks. Several users have been outraged by this move,
seeing it as an act of animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, this practice has existed for a long time.
Couple years ago, a PET Park opened in the southwest of China.
The park officials had even made a dyed dog show.

Remember that dogs are not toys, dolls or others.
They are living beings who deserve respect and don’t deserve
to be treated as clowns for attention on social media.
This is why we must condemn this practice, make their guardian
more responsible and use our logic not to encourage this type of gesture.

Clanimal’s mission responds to the values of equality, responsibility
and passion for all animals worldwide. Become members of Clanimal
and together let’s share these values around the world!


Amelie Delobel

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