8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 1)

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1- A Cat Has Nine Lives

False! Of course, a cat is a mammal, and just like all living beings,
once they experience death, they can’t come back to life.
So why the “Nine lives”? This belief is mainly due to the fact that,
for humans, cats are able to survive situations humans wouldn’t be able
to (such as a fall from a relatively high building).

2- A Cat Can See in the Dark

True or False?


False! No living being can see in complete obscurity.
However, a cat needs 6 times less light than human does to see.

3- A Cat’s Muzzle Has to Be Wet and
Cool at All Times

Not at all! Its muzzle will be wet or not,
cool or cold depending on the moment of the day
and what it’s doing at that time.


4- There Are Multiple Cat Breeds Just Like
There Are Multiple Dog Breeds

True! In fact, the number of recognized raced varies
from an association to another ( a country to another).
We can however ascertain than there more than 75!

5- Pregnant Woman Plus Cat = Danger…

No! There is no danger whatsoever for a pregnant woman
in contact with a cat. Just like other fellow humans,
she just has to beware of bites and scratches.

The only potential risk is in the litter. Cats can carry
a parasite responsible for Toxoplasmosis. The human can
therefore be contaminated, but it’s only a mild infection
for everyone, except for pregnant women, because the
transmission to the fetus can happen despite the placental
barrier and the fact that they are immunosuppressed.


Note that the majority of indoor cats do not carry the parasite.
All the same, it’s best to let the future Dad take care of the
litter or for the pregnant woman to wear gloves and to carefully
cleanse her hands after cleaning up the box.

So there you go! I hope this helped you learn a bit more
about this wonderful animal! More in my next blog!

Annie Cloutier

Animal behaviour professional

Specialised in feline behaviour

PhD in Biology


The Guy

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