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Nowadays, with technology, it’s very easy to capture
special moments.

These comical facts can be made as much by humans as animals,
like cats. The exploits of these cats are not dating from
yesterday. Indeed, the New York Times found in their archives
old cats’ stories from the 19th and 20th centuries!

Among the most surprising stories, there is the cat of the
Brooklyn Bridge. About a month before the opening of the
bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan (1883!), in New York,
a cat was placed in a basket in the middle of the crossing.
Thereafter, he would have followed his owner to the other
end of the bridge. For this reason he was nicknamed
“Ned of the Bridge.” Why this cat was placed there?
Over 130 years, the question remains….

There is also the story of the cat of the Hotel Marlborough
(New York). This cat would have gone very agitated in the
lobby, which caused panic in the hotel lobby. This wacky
moment has even made the newspaper front page in 1904!

For more stories like these, you can read the original
article on the New York Times website.

At Clanimal, our mission since Day-1 has been to improve
relations constantly between humans and animals, in the
respect of one another and the environment. These kinds
of stories make us love them more!

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Amelie Delobel

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