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Animals Issues in Quebec

In Quebec, we do not treat our animals like animals,
meaning respecting their way of being, and the way
they communicate and life.

In addition, we encourage animal guardians to be
responsible by only requiring the purchase of a licence
(and in my case, I was forbidden to enter the City Hall
of my borough of South-West, with my dog, to get this
“licence” while at the City of Montreal  Town Hall,
I could…go figure?)

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Also, we are in 1st place for the presence of puppy mills
on our territory and last place for a sincere undertaking
to stop this “cancer” once and for all, as we are even
worse in our record dealing with the mistreatment of animals.

In addition, we have no policies to manage the ads for
selling animals on social media (Kijji and others), nor are
we structuring breeding practices properly in this province,
with serious applicable standards !

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Finally, another problem is the total lack of support
from the Provincial Government toward users of service
animals, notably toward people with a physical handicap
or PTSD, by supporting them financially, for the training
and future technical support. For reasons unknown to us,
even if these people contribute every day to the financial
well-being of the province, they are completely abandoned
to themselves or left to be helped by social organizations
for the financing of their needs.

Please note that these situations are found in many other
jurisdictions in the world!

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Solutions proposed by Clanimal

First of all, risking sounding “cliché”, there are
no miracle solutions, and the proposed solutions by
Clanimal. aim to be practical and meet the needs of
numerous basic situations, because, when looking at
what has been done in this province in the past 20 years
(at least), we are solving 1 problem here and later
another one there, and nothing has absolutely changed!
Even worse, the situation is deteriorating at a faster rate!

So here are the solutions that Clanimal will write about
in its next editorials, as a simple approach representing
the priorities in the animal problems stakes, that we will
all be called upon to act, if we are committed to become
more responsible human beings toward animals (as well as
toward our own selves!)

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In the next few days, Clanimal will address:

1)      Quiz “What’s your Best Dog’s Match” ( the only Human/Dog Matchmaking algorithm)

2)      To render Humans more responsible (Education)

3)      Animal Education (Education)

NB:   Improvement of the well-being of animals (their impact in society) 

4)      Health Insurance coverage of Service Animals

5)      Increased armed forces, police forces and civil security forces status to animals;

6)      Increased accessibility to lodging and public spaces (1 of 2) and Increased accessibility to lodging and public spaces (2 of 2)

NB:   Reinforced and more determined application of the legislation ( coercion) 

7)      Puppy Mills (1 of 3) and Puppy Mills (2 of 3) and Puppy Mills (3 of 3)

8)      Abuse on animals / sentencing

9)      Breeding and Shelters (1 of 2) and Breeding and Shelters (2 of 2)

10)     Open Sales/Advertising of animals on social media (1 of 2) and  Open Sales/Advertising of animals on social media (2 of 2)

11)      Conclusion

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We now invite you to read the different editorials written on the
present matter that you can read at the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here), or start your animal education by completing  Matchmaking Dogs with You and please share it with your friends and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

Until next time, please send me your comments at “” or on any of our social media outlets (FB, LinkedIn at bernard t raymond, entrepreneur and on Twitter at @weareclanimal!)

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