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What to do when have is in contact with an unknown dog

It’s not always easy to determine how people will react to
certain situations. It’s the same for animals, including dogs.
Even when you see a dog and it seems very cute, to avoid
unpleasant surprises always apply the five following rules:

5.         Pay attention to the dog’s behaviour
(is it calmly or excited next to his guardian)

4.         Stay calm
(don’t get it excited. Remember high wagging tails = excitement not happy!)

3.         Respect the dog’s “bubble” (space).
Let its guardian introduce it to you if he/she wants.

2.         Let the dog come and smells you
(by itself) and do not present your hand or go toward the animal (threatening!)

1.         Caress gently the side of its face
(not the top of his head), it calms it (especially the ears)

Here is the video in French only:

At Clanimal, our mission since Day-1 is to
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That’s why our goal is to empower people so that
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