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How to Choose a Dog, Are all ways to go
about it good?

Are all ways to go about it good? No…since
we cannot choose a family pet according to “human”
criteria such as: Oh it’s so cute, it is very
happy to see me, I will save this dog, etc.
Let’s be clear, animals and humans do not think the
same way , one (animal being instinctive) and the
other (human, being more rational and emotional).

How to Choose a Dog on criteria

So, choosing according to criteria that will
not support that choice means running straight
toward the wall (which happens most of the time)!.
Worse is when humans do not educate themselves
before they choose the animal with whom they will
spend the next 10-15 years of their lives with,
thinking: Hey, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just get
rid of it.”


How to Choose a Dog and not to abandon it after

There are more than 5 million dogs in the US alone that are
abandoned every year in shelters, and from that number,
more than half of it are euthanized  daily ( this is close
to 7 000 dogs!). Think about it! If people could only
educate themselves with proper sources and would take time
to thoroughly think about what they are doing!

Clanimal developed a quiz to help you to choose
the good dog

At Clanimal, we have developed a quiz based on the analysis
of human’s personality, and some animal characteristics as
well as the environment where they would live together.

This quiz is the only one of its categories is called
“The Dog’s Choice”! It’s a step in the right direction!


Now, where could we find our new family pet?

The worst places: pet stores and social media ads on
the web, since it is where we find the most animals
coming from puppy mills! A serious breeder member of
a professional association (such as the Canadian
Kennel Club) or a well-structured shelter would be
already a better start.

Finally, we introduce you in a short video, the 5 most
important rules to respect when you are getting ready
to make a very significant choice in your life as well
as in your future companion’s life.

Those are simple, pragmatic and logical rules
to follow to make the right choice!
(it’s in French only, see below for explanations)

What the video says about how to Choose a Dog:

5.       Choose the appropriate place to choose
a dog (respectable breeder or a well-structured
shelter. NEVER adds on social media!);

4.       Breed: select a breed (or mix of breeds) that
match our personality. Best is to complete the Quiz
“The Dog’s Choice” on Clanimal! NEVER selects a breed
on  the basis of general criteria of the breed only;

3.       Attitude/Behaviour shown: always remain calm.
NEVER responds to the animal excitement/dominance,
you only nurture that behaviour from the animal!;

2.       Behaviour shown by the animal: select an animal demonstrating
calmness  yet a little curiosity. AGAIN applies rule #3!;

1.       Build a bond with the animal: will never repeat it enough…
walk, play, challenge your dog regularly, because it’s the only way
to build a bond with it! Do it and you  and your dog will have a
great relationship!


And for you to live a beautiful story as well with a companion,
start by completing “Matchmaking Dogs with you
our questionnaire that matches a dog to your personality, and please
share it with your friends and family to help another dog and its future guardian!

Until next time, please send me your comments right
here below or at “” or on any of
our social media venues (FB, LinkedIn (bernard t raymond,
entrepreneur) and on Twitter @weareclanimal)

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