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Then, where do we start? Clanimal suggest
going to the source: the Humans!

It’s the human, influencing  the animal,
where behavioural problems started and,
according to me, it’s the only way to
address this issue with efficiency would
be to render obligatory, to all future
guardians of animals,  following courses 
(and refresher courses) on how to handle
the particular type of animals they are
looking for, how these animals live and
how to take care of them.

We are using the term guardian because
we are suggesting that the term master
and/or owner, do not represent, as guardian does,
the new mentality and true nature of
the relationship between human animals
and clearly and strongly states the true
degree of responsibility the guardian exercise
toward the living being it guards.

We believe this new understanding of the use
of the term guardian will create a new
dynamic between humans and animals, which
would be better than the former one, which
stood more for an unhealthy mix of dominance
and lack of respect, while limiting the status
of the animal to one of a lifeless object!

Responsible Human Animals-22

This mandatory course approach already takes
place in Germany, Switzerland and many other
European countries, creating a more responsible
behaviour from the majority of guardians of
animals, while allowing a more enjoyable
behaviour from the animals as well.

The course could be designed by a team of trainers,
behaviourist and specialist (biologist, or other
disciplines related to the breed or type of animal)
and these future guardians would be trained to:
take physically care of the animal, feed it properly,
have a basic knowledge of obedience and behaviour
of the animal they will start sharing their life with.

Responsible Human Animals-71

Also, the course would be adapted to the type and
breed of animal, for example, powerful dogs would
require a more “structured” or “specific to”
environment, as for the training provided, as
for reptiles as well.

It is a training that allows future guardians to
learn the very minimum needed about their
responsibility for the animal! In addition,
a refresher training would be required every 3-5 years,
and if the future guardians do not succeed
with the training, it would be able to get the
animal sought or would lose its guardianship of
the animal!

We also believe that certain type of exotic animals
deserve to be banned from being acquired
(as presently is the case) with the difference
that this ban would be expanded to certain types
of animals, and most certainly to certain
jurisdiction, not presently covered.

Responsible Human Animals

Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
Matchmaking Dogs with You
and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

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