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We often said that dog is man’s best friend. Several stories
demonstrate how that dogs are loyal companions. This is the
case of Bruno.

Many years ago, this dog was found by a man
named Larry Lavallee. This man, who lives in Longville,
Minnesota (USA), decided to adopt Bruno as soon as he
crossed his eyes.

But Bruno is not a dog like the others. He never wanted
to be dragged on a leash. He is an animal that loves adventure.
Every day, he walks 4 miles in his city. All the people
recognize him while he passes through the library,
grocery store and many other buildings. He makes people happy
all around him!

Longville’s residents like Bruno so much that they named
him ambassador of the city and even gave him a carved
wooden statue in his honour! Here is the video:

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This beautiful story was sent to us by Charlotte Tymchuk.
Thank you very much Charlotte!



Amelie Delobel

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  • Zebra57

    VIDEO on Bruno missing……sound like a great unique dog!! :)

    • The Guy

      Totally and thanks so much for your comments

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