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Grant status member in the armed forces, police forces
and civil security

Our military personnel (men and women)  often accept
to serve their country in difficult circumstances so,
what tis there to say about the animals serving with
them, without us showing any mark of gratitude and
compassion. Worse, when their mission is over we
abandoned them on foreign soil without any kind
of support.


United States considers animals in the military
life as full fledge members of the military family!

Certain military corps (like the United States) considers
animals to have participated in the military life
(such as combat missions) as full fledge members of
the military family, and to that effect, they have
the same physical and psychological health benefits
(it has been demonstrated that animals can also
experiment psychological traumas, following combat
situations) that their fellow human soldiers.


What can be added to the numerous examples of military,
police or civil personnel living with psychological scars 
such as PTSD that, with the presence beside them of a
service animals are capable to, not only manage their
psychological health, rather improve it over time,
instead of being overwhelmed by the debilitating
effects of PTSD.


Wouldn’t be the time now that for all these men
and women we start having empathy and compassion
towards them?

Clanimal says YES! It would be so simple for the military,
police or civil authorities (in Canada as else where)
to put apply the suggestions we introduce here that,
while not having been calculated, would most certainly
cost less than abandoning them or the mountains of
medications we bury them under!


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