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Public Insurance Coverage for Service Animals
could be a good Animals Handling for starting

It is unthinkable that the governmental authorities
didn’t think about it before, and it’s most likely
because they do not see the benefits brought by
animals working with humans, helping them to handle
obstacles their handicap brings into their lives.

How many people that held a lucrative job before
they were involved in an accident or became sick could,
if given the opportunity, start contributing again
to society responsibilities as before ?

How many parents living with a handicap child, not
being able to take a rest from constantly attending
their child (or companion) need , would love to
“take a break” once in a while or that would love
to get back to a certain level of commercial or
professional activities?


Why not then to start using the public health system
we have to cover the costs of supplying, training and
providing support to service animals!

As a matter of fact, isn’t the goal of the presence
of a service animal in a handicapped person’s life
is to help him/her to live  its life surmounting
certain difficulties their handicap is causing.

To what level the service animal is helping the
autistic child or the person dealing with PTSD
consequences, to deal with their insecurity or
mental anguish? The service animal while
“doing its job”, brings stability to the human
being with it, as much to its parents or companion?

Clanimal submits that in comparison to the cost
of this measure and moral and fiscal benefits
brought by our suggestion compared to some
illogical expenses engaged by  certain governmental
authorities, we have absolutely no time to
continue wasting!


We already pay sufficiently to ensure our medical
benefits through the level of taxes we have reached
that doing it would allow all these organizations
presently meeting these needs to allocate their thigh
resources in other sectors more useful to the mission
they are pursuing!

Incidentally, why not using the many abandoned animals
we care for in shelters, that most of the time have
the “street smart intelligence” level in conjunction
with male and female prisoners to train these dogs
according to programs developed by experts, for so
many purposes such as helping with other handicaps
or civil security purposes (such as search and rescue!).

There are so many other examples where the suggestions
made above confirmed the usefulness and the profound
positive impact had with prisoners involved in these
programs (such as Paws behind Bars, in the USA).


***Note from the Editor:
“Dear Clanimal members and friends, we are acknowledging Pawsitivity,
a charitable organisation based in St-Paul Minnesota that helps
rescue dogs becoming service animals! This photo was used in this
article without having given credit where credit is due, to Pawsitivity.
This photo is of bailey doing a great job, as it was trained to do by
Pawsitivity, and was graciously allowed for us to use.
Clanimal invites all of you to visit Pawsitivity’s website (click here)
and help them in any ways they see fit!)”

Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
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