What sould we’ve learn from Aryanna Gourdin’s story?

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Do you know Aryanna Goudin? If the answer is no, you’d better
know that this girl has become notorious for publishing photos
on her Facebook page with her “trophies” during an African safari.
Among the victims, there is a giraffe, a zebra and a wildebeest.
Her pictures have been widely published during the past week.

She was invited to comment her actions with her father on the
show “Good Morning Britain”, hosted by Piers Morgan. The journalist
asked very direct questions to the girl. He also questioned the
decision of her father to bring her in such places and also said
that he “brainwashed ” his daughter. You can see their interview
in this video:

Aryanna Goudin defended herself about the publication of
her pictures, saying that shooting was part of family activities
since so many years. In addition, she argues that her family
eats the meat of animals killed. You can read her official
statement on the mirror.co.uk website.

At Clanimal, our mission since Day-1 is to improve
relations between humans and animals. To do so, it’s
important to make everyone become responsible so we can
live in a harmonious society. This is why Clanimal trying
to educate many people as possible with many articles on
education in the “My Story” section.

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(Source: theblaze.com and mirror.co.uk)

Amelie Delobel

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