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Increased Accessibility to Public Spaces and Lodging (Part 1 of 2)

The ban of animals in certain public spaces or in apartment dwellings
(or condos) existing in 2016, despite the fact its achieved status in
our minds (i.e.: full-fledged family members) is simply unacceptable!
It is definitely not the intent to impose any domestic animals on anybody.
It is only logical to allow responsible guardians to be able to go about
in their daily lives with their favourite companions in a
restricted environment!

It is actually forbidden, in certain provinces in Canada, to discriminate
against having an animal when looking to rent or buy properties.
In numerous cases, a deposit can be required (such as in Ontario),
as we know that most of the time damages incurred by an animal are
never above 500$.

In Quebec, it could only be required to put in place a similar system,
and for “added security measure”, why not tie up the renewal of the
driver’s permit to the absence of judgments at the rental board
(or other judicial body) confirming an animal would have caused
damages to a dwelling.

2015 Atwater Mkt Dog!

We are not talking here about some “quantum physics process”.

It’s a simple procedure where both parties (landlord/owner and
the animal guardian), and in the absence of the guardian of
the animal, judgment by default would be rendered.

As for banning animals in “public” spaces, Clanimal is reminding
all that, according to studies made, “public” spaces conceal the
presence, in 90% of cases, the presence of sources of animal
allergens (if not something similar)!

So let’s just calculate the number of domestic animals (only)
living with humans, multiplying that by the number of humans
being in daily contact with these animals, and then let’s look
at where, on a daily basis, these humans go to say “public”
spaces, this without considering all other bacterias and other
allergens substances present in the environment (carried by
hospital personnel, sick people, etc.). Start to get
the picture!


Is it utopian to aspire to a 100% “germ-free” environment…
and at Clanimal, we say: absolutely!

So, why don’t we stop putting everything on the animal’s
backs only, and let’s start looking at our own phobias!

At the moment, Clanimal is looking for professionals interested
to help us build a file about the impact of the presence of
animals in so-called “public” spaces, such as restaurants,
shopping centres, schools, etc., to find out if society
(or certain elements of it) are supported to pin on animals
the infamous consequence of being the only vectors of
diseases or allergies, to ban their presence beside their family!

So, if you are interested in helping Clanimal for this task,
please communicate with us at “”.


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
Matchmaking Dogs with You
and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

Until next time, please send me your comments
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