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Professional soccer players may be top athletes who make
a lot of money, but they have fears like everyone else.
It was the case of this 27-year-old from the famous
Arsenal soccer club, Mesut Ozil. The midfielder had
a big phobia… dogs! Yes… absolutely!

To face his fear, Ozil decided some time ago to adopt
Balboa, a cute boxer. Now the famous player has no fear
towards dogs. He even trains with his faithful companion.
Admittedly, Balboa gives a headache to his master, even
if he’s one of the major European players! Who knows,
Balboa could perhaps also sign a professional
contract someday!

At Clanimal, our mission since Day-1 is to improve
relations between humans and animals. Stories like
this one of Balboa and Ozil can only contribute to
this harmonious society.

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Amelie Delobel

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