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Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 1 of 2)

Nevertheless, in Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria
(to just name a few countries), family pets are accepted
in many “public” places, such as restaurants. Does this means,
Germans, Austrians or Swiss, are built with antibodies
we were deprived, here in Quebec?  Are we so “distinct” from them?

The object here is not to impose the presence of animals
on anybody, because there are “public” spaces where the
presence of animals is not possible (whether physically
or otherwise) and we are not talking about hospitals
(since these already have enough problems with known
and “not so known” germs present in the premises,
despite the fact they are… hospitals!)


It’s only a matter of applying a sense of being responsible,
from the part of the guardians of animals,
as well as logic and pragmatism.

After all, there are so many other situations where responsible
humans can do certain things such as drinking, driving
(not together!), and exercise free speech, and so many more!

And in cases where humans do not respect the laws
(or conventions applied) , measures shall be enforced,
like the suspension of (or losing) one’s  driving
privileges, being barred from drinking or to speak.
So, as any guardian responsible for “the thing”
under its responsibility, it remains for the guardian
to make sure , it respects what is acceptable,
otherwise, the consequences would be serious outcomes,
has described before.


As for being a responsible guardian, as an example,
I wouldn’t go to a restaurant that sits 20 people, with
2 Dogue de Bordeaux of 85 kg each, during the busiest time
of the day, and restrict the free movement of personnel and
patrons! Or, let the dog do its signing exercise because
it’s the “exuberant” type!Good behaviour exist as well for
animals as for humans!

Or, as well, I go to an upscale boutique
where my dog decides to “baptize” with its urine, the newest
Louis Vitton handbag, then the boutique manager would have
no other choice to ask my dog: a) if still carry its platinum
credit card, or b) if, it doesn’t, ask me to give him mine!
Oh, in the case I contest this way of doing things, the
boutique only has to call police, since this constitutes
a public mischief!


The solution is not to penalize all responsible guardians.

It’s only to make the “guilty party” responsible for its
show of “irresponsibility” in a financial manner.
In other more serious cases, it would be in a criminal manner!

Unfortunately, in Quebec (as elsewhere), the mentality followed
by the authorities is: “Why make it simple…when we can make
it more complicated than it is!”

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