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Reinforcing and a more muscled application of
the law, puppy mills, coercion (1 of 3)

One of the biggest problems affecting
dogs is the puppy mills, and here at Clanimal, we have
the made to measure solution to respond the appropriate way!
This solution has already proven its capacity to get the
results in another sector for the last 10 years: Antigang Law!

In reality, puppy mills in Quebec are totally out of control,
and the issue does appear “NOT SEXY” enough for our politicians
to start doing something about it because…it does not bring
in enough votes! Also it seems that animal “rights” defence
groups here, still have never thought of attacking the problem,
“where it will hurt!” And this “where” is the wallet of the
puppy mills operators!

Remember how the authorities put an end to Al Capone’s
operation…through income and other tax measures! This is
exactly how Clanimal wants to resolve the problem once and f
or all. Here’s how we approach the matter:


First, the principle is to apply the same reasoning
as it’s done for the criminal gangs meaning, once it’s
established that an individual is a member of a criminal
gang (biker or others), in accordance to certain principles
(publicity, activities, etc.), the individual then has
the responsibility to prove the opposite!

The identification criteria can normally not be challenged,
so it then becomes impossible to get out of it (even though 
we are not criminal law specialist), and this is called a
“reversal of proof” (like in France, in criminal matters,
the accused must prove its innocence)!


According to Law 54, in Quebec, it will be required,
from now on to have a “permit” to operate a
“breeding facility” of commercial level. At Clanimal,
we believe that this approach to be too lame to cause
any effect since, let’s be realistic, it will absolutely
not keep puppy mills operators to operates because…
by analogy “would require a pimp to obtaining a permit
to have girls’ work for them, force him to close its
prostitution operation?

Absolutely not, and puppy mills operators are similar
types of people!


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
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and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

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