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Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled
application of the law  (continuation)

Do politicians really believe puppy mills operators
stand in line to obtain their permits? Clanimal is
far from being convinced about it and believe much
more in a strong approach of coercion aiming squarely
at the “financial heart” of these illegal operations
(as described below) will succeed!

In the case of puppy mills, it boils down to,
by analogy, establish the principle determining what
is a puppy mills operations. Clanimal submits that at
the moment, legislation about animals is “an incredible
mess from hell” of laws and by-laws, that are either
not enforced properly or not enforced at all, and, that
nothing has changed for the last 25 years (other than
getting worse)! Clanimal cannot be proven wrong on this!


Puppy mill is a simple operation for a group
of proper experts

Clanimal submits as well that determining what
constitutes a puppy mill is a simple operation for
a group of proper experts “with their feet really
stuck on the grounds” and not in some office
all day!

Some of the criteria to determine what is a puppy
mills could be : number of animals per square
feet/metres, cleanliness of where animals are kept,  
general conditions of upkeep of the animals
(norms from reputable shelters or veterinarian 
premises could be used as a benchmark), number of
litters per year, etc.

It remains of the utmost importance that the 
set criteria do not bend under some general
requirements from Charters nor from “spineless”
politicians, trying to please everyone at the
same time, saying “everyone deserves a chance”
because…the operator of a puppy mills doesn’t
give a chance to animals…isn’t it!


Now, let’s look at how Clanimal suggestion would apply:

Simply, the authorities consider that all real estate
(movables such as trucks/cars, etc. and immovable such
as barns/houses, etc.) on the land where the puppy mills
are located, are deemed to have been acquired through
the financial gains gotten operating the puppy mills,
and , are therefore confiscated for resale at an auction
(a real one …not a sham!) and proceeds of the sale would
in turn finance the task force responsible to apply animal
laws, as well as for spaying and neutering campaigns, and,
education in schools and other venues!

As for animals seized during these operations, obviously,
none of them would be given back to anyone associated with
the puppy mill operation, and any  other elements
potentially submitted to the Court’s scrutiny, be tighten-up,
so loopholes be closed very tightly!


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