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Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled
application of the law, coercion (continuation and end)

Another measure that could possibly be looked at, and it
would certainly please the authorities, touches directly
at the fiscal aspect of the puppy mills illegal operations.
Simply,  a calculation of the number of dogs used in the
puppy mill, multiplied by the number of litters (and dogs
per litters) per year, the whole then multiplied by the
amount of taxes that weren’t collected (based on the average
price of a dog in a shelter, to start with). Voilà! the
authorities a able to determine how much was evaded and
the financial amount of the fines to be levied!

Incidentally, numerous puppy mills use the expression
family breeder” to “pull wool over the eyes” of many
potential buyers (who think that they are accomplishing
a good deed), and the people being used as “family members”
receive  a fix sum per puppy sold. We address this issue
further in another editorial, on the sale of animals on
social media.


According to certain animal activists in Quebec, the
same individuals are posting ads on certain social media
(Les Pac and Kijji), and they are easily identifiable 
through their phone numbers. So do these people notified
the authorities, otherwise, why not! Are they afraid
to be sued?

If the notification to the authorities come from a SPCA,
it is almost certain that the identified sellers wouldn’t
have the guts to sue, most likely prefering to withdraw
the ad, and eventually, tired of being the constant subject
of such surveillance, would definitely “retired” from
the market.

And if the authorities have done anything about it
(or do nothing), the population of Quebec will have
its answer! In the meanwhile, on another matter
(dangerous dogs/”Pit bulls), politicians spare no
“verbal outdoing” of each other!


Finally, all profits from the auction, as well as
other sums collected from fiscal  fines levied,
would be paid into a fund (no, it wouldn’t be the
province consolidated fund!), that would serve
exclusively to finance the various animal legislation
in place (with a maximum of 10-15% of the amount
collected for administrative purposes) like the
spaying and neutering campaigns, and education
programs (in schools and elsewhere).

Who could be the people responsible to manage
the applications of these laws?

How about the Ministry of Forest, Wildlife and Parks,
obviously with extra personnel in the areas where
puppy mills are suspected of being concentrated
(about 3 in Quebec). Also, numerous groups involved
in animal issues (such as SPA and others) could be
brought on board to help maximize to reach
objectives set.

Wouldn’t this be a way to have the SPCA/SPA to
reinvent their mission (and themselves)?
How about getting the Quebec Revenue Agency
on board as well, because after all when there
is money to collect…they don’t let go easily!


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