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Presently, we can state that there is a serious lack
of commitment by the authorities to eradicate mistreatment
of animals.

Someone better explain the timidity in the application
of the law. Clanimal submits that a firm and sincere
commitment, by the authorities, to enforce the law,
actually issue fines and imprisonment, to show
mistreatment of animals is unacceptable!

JURIDIQUE DE L’ANIMAL or the law improving
the judicial status of animals) appears like a “mirage”
when we really look at the true intention of the authorities
(since the law is exactly that intention and not a commitment).

It is imperative to double the penalties for certain infractions
(without interfering with the Federal jurisdiction, otherwise,
its time Quebec starts acting like we live in the same country
as the rest of Canadians!). Also, fines could be quadrupled!

In addition, the law requires “reinforcement” by stating jail
terms are firm, meaning to be fully served (no release before
the full time is served). One of the problems of the law is,
while it appears to be “aggressive” in punishing offenders
with hefty fines, the deterrent objective will not make a dent
in the abuser’s and operator’s wallet, since they will not stop
as long as they have a “kick” or making money, doing it!


It’s like if the authorities are saying to the offenders:

“Pay here and now, and, resume your activities and if we catch
you again, just come back again at the cash!” It is time for
the authorities to show they are committed and sincere to
respect animals!

Also, why not imposing stiffer penalties such as community
services in shelters, so at least the people serving as
“patsies” to the owners/operators of puppy mills, as well
as certain types of abusers.

It would be good to use the services of specialists in
the field, to determine what types of work in shelters
would serve to bring them to the level to understand,
the effects their conduct had on animals and how the
animals dealt with the consequences to heal.


We would like to submit, some examples of modifications
that could be brought to law 54, to give an idea of what
we mean by the suggestions we are making:

Sec. 9 (dog fights): modify Section 69 that, following a gradation
of fines levels,  allow the judge hearing the case, and only after
the 3rd contravention, to “maybe” impose a jail sentence of 6 months.
We submit that the threshold for a jail term could be established
for a 1rst time offence, because, how is the determination to end
such a barbaric practice, can be taken seriously if the punishment
doesn’t equal the level of outrage society has about the crime

Sec. 16 (level to be considered a puppy mill): bring the threshold
from the actual level (15) to 2-3 reproducing animals , to send a
clear message that financial gains will never be more important
than the respect for nature’s and the animals!


Sec. 21 (sales of animals in pet shops): modify to ban selling
animals coming from puppy mills (see our editorial on the matter)
and tie-up the contravention to that Section, to higher fines
nd immediate seizure of all assets of the legal entity responsible
for the sale of the animals.

Sec 40 ( intervention in case of emergencies): modify by “any person”
can intervene, instead of only “the inspector”. This would protect
anybody acting to save an animal in distress (ex: animals left in
a car under critical heat) while allowing civil recourse against
the “good Samaritan”, if warranted.

Sec 44 (guardianship of seized animals): modify by ordering the
withdrawal of the animal seized from the offender, instead of
making the choice to the inspector to leave or not, the animal
to the care of the offender.


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
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and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

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