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About breeders & shelters

Presently, there is a clear and certain lack of structure
in the breeders community (whether it’s here or elsewhere).
Also, breeders are facing tremendous pressure from the market
(created by Cupid individuals, with no morals, that are
only looking to please their financial god).

Actions by these individuals, like “Back-yard breeders”,
started by wanting to create a hypo-allergenic dog
(that doesn’t exist scientifically!). Incidentally,
the 1st one who has done this 28 years ago
(Wally Conron from the Royal Guide Dog Association
of Australia) breeding a Labrador with a Poodle,
regrets it dearly!

Now, the market has completely highjacked the
breeding agenda, giving itself the “God-given right”
to breed anything with everything, creating “Frankendogs”
(that is what we call them: Frankenstein dogs!) also
called “designer dogs” to justify the high price
coming with it!


Breeders vs Shelters without experience

The danger with this “free for all experience” is
that it is done without any concerns for the genetics,
since back-yard breeders do not consider the pedigree,
the genetic and the potential negative outcome of mixing
this breed with this other breeds. Did you know it can
take up to 4-5 generations for genetic mutations to
surface! (like stopping the titanic to hit the Iceberg!)

How come we don’t hear from the Canadian Kennel Club or
the American Kennel Club on this matter? We are so surprised
by their silence. On the other hand, it appears that these
associations have lost the control of the breeding, otherwise
they would have already started mix-breeding like we see now.

Also, none of the association behind any of the breeds “mixed”
have taken a position on the matter (for example: Labrador and
Poodles), and if it’s the case, please contact us to let us know
what you think of your breed so much mixed with so many
other breeds.


Are you sure you have a pure breed in a shelter?

We have noticed, however, more and more “in breeding” within
so-called “pure breeds”, since the “gene pool” is getting
narrower and narrower, as time passes, as well because a
resurgence in adoptions from shelters in the past years.
So the risks of having a father and daughter  (it happened
to me recently, on 2 consecutive generations, and I obviously
didn’t take the pup…and it was also a registered breeder!)

Finally, we add to this problematic breeding situation,
breeders who keep reproducing elements that are genetically
not sound (like the problems of Cavalier King Charles
(with epileptic episodes) and Bulldogs in England, or,
the Deutsche Dogge with hip dysplasia) or, “unscrupulous
breeders” who just want to show their kids what puppies
look like or just want to make an extra buck every end
of the month.

Continued from this article about breeders & shelters


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
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and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

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