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Breeders & Shelters continued from our article

Unfortunately, a great number of these puppies end-up in
shelters, when they are just not simply abandoned! It is
more than ever the time to rethink some of our breeding
practices and to structure the breeder’s community, because
the community itself seems to have lost control of certain
of its members, when they are not showing wilful blindness,
allowing certain practices to take place (as the ones
we described in the last editorials!)

Far from us from wanting to show an “elitist or snobbish”
approach by promoting pure breed dogs, to the contrary,
we are committed to respect the breeds and the numerous
professional breeders that put their hearts and souls
for so many years now.

It’s just frustrating that nothing is being done to show
responsible breeding practices, all dogs and humans will
do better, if we chose to embrace and keep serious and
respectful breeding practices, and get rid of the “Frankendogs
or designer dogs practices and philosophies!


Let it be remembered that the practices , we are so much against,
end-up putting so much financial and human pressure on all of us,
that a solid clean-up and structuring of the shelter community
(bursting at its seams!) is more than necessary.

At Clanimal, we would like so much to build a serious group that
would start modernizing and rebuilding the best breeding
practices in Quebec, and elsewhere, so we are very interested
in working with breeders, veterinarian personnel and all serious
“players” determined to help the breeding community regain its
prestige and image!


So if it is of interest to you, please communicate with us
to let us know your interest to help in the analysis and
recommendations to be written at “”
re: breeder and shelter group.

Clanimal is presently working on a new business model for
shelters, as well as working at analyzing the various
problems and finding appropriate solutions for the feline
and exotic animal community.

Breeders & Shelters back to the beginning of our article


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
Matchmaking Dogs with You
and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

Until next time, please send me your comments
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