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Another important problem is the absence of a proper
structure in sales of animals in stores and social media.

Presently, every day hundreds of ads are posted on
social media proposing these cute puppies and about
finding them a “forever home”.

Clanimal is aware the 2 petitions have circulated on the net
in 2013-2014 and Kijji “diplomatically” stated with its
“corporate spokesperson” that they were sensitive to the issue
and that they would pay close attention to the phenomena.


However, until this day, Kijji is ignoring the preoccupations of
the signatories of these serious petitions, continuing to publish
hundreds of ads, simply because they continue pocketing outrageous
amounts of money charging some fees here and there. By analogy,
prostitution and escort services ads continue being published in
print and social media, also making tons of money for the Kijji
and others similar, on the web!

At Clanimal, we believe that unless hundreds of dollars would be
charged for the use of the service (even higher amount would be
better…which would be impossible) to start curbing this practice
and put some order into it, the financial advantages outweigh any
little requirements on the advertisers, so back-yard breeders and
puppy mill operators are laughing all the way to the bank
(and so is Kijjii).


What can we do then about Sales of Animals?

At Clanimal, we believe strongly in private enterprise.
However, if the threshold of acceptance for the ads from
these “clowns” has been reached by the population, then
why not “chasing them from the web” by denouncing them each
and every time they place an ad, and start making these
less accessible on the web!.

Isn’t there one of those computer whiz, capable of creating
software capable of tracing their location through the web
and their pattern of advertising?

In particular situations like this, thinking outside the box
is the way to go to get something resolved!
What would be your suggestions?

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  • E. Madaro

    I am looking for a female Pug. A dog that needs a loving home, and will not be left alone for more than one or two hours per week.

    • The Guy

      Hi E Madaro,
      Thanks for your comment and I would like to invite you to complete our questionnaire The Dog’s Choice, here on and you will be able to match your personality with the best 3 choices among 76 breeds of dogs. So if the female Pug you want is the one for you, she will definitely find you! If not, that means that for the time being, it could be another dog and with the help of the community, your desired female Pug would become available for you! And if you love our questionnaire, share with your friends and family!
      Clanimal is always there for you, Thanks,

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