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Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media into
creating a legal task force of law and marketing specialists…

Clanimal is looking into creating a legal task force of law
and marketing specialists to analyze this practice on the web
and come up with appropriate actions.

On the legislative front,
to structure the advertising practices of animal sales on the web,
or even possible establish some fiscal approach to control it
( a bit like in the case of Uber-X, without wanting to “kill” it  though).

In the case of advertising on social media, the authorities could
consider the advertising of commercial nature (each platform
would need to prove the opposite!).

And collect a sales tax at the source , which is the plat-form carrying the advertising

who then, collects from its client (i.e.: from the person /entity

putting on the ad).

Dog Lawye

An evaluation of the advertising cost to be charged, could be
done by the authorities (or even better, the service provider
for the advertising) to be then collected by the social media itself.
Just look at the United States fiscal authorities when it’s
time to collect royalties on money made on the web…
they are pretty ingenious!

On the other hand, if the approach we suggest raising legal arguments
(or arguments on the principles),that it is against “free enterprise”,
at least, the exercise would serve as a “jolt” to the industry to begin
treating animal matters seriously!

After all, we are talking billions
of dollars per year spend on animals…So they say:
“Money talks and Bullsh…walks!” Isn’t time animal lovers starting
talking louder with their wallets?

YES Chat-Droit

In the restaurant business, the authorities have put into place
the requirements that all restaurants have some sales recording device,
so as the authorities say:

“So people pay their fair share”?
For once, don’t you think that responsible people would be interested
by what the authorities do, and more importantly why they do it?

Finally, another situation raising red flags, and that is the sale
of live animals at county fairs or at flea markets?

Can we really think that we are buying an animal that is genetically
sound and in good health, when the seller carries them in cages in the
back of a pick-up truck?

This type of sale deserves to be banned, at
least until we can figure out a better way to allow it to proceed.
Don’t you agree?

Often to get results, it is pertinent to hit on the right spots , and,
it’s what Clanimal is proposing to all of you!

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media read the beginning of the article

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